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sankaramangalam Gopalakrishnan welcomes you all !

I have a lot of things to tell you! Come on ! Let us start!

Let me introduce myself first. My name is S.K.Gopalakrishnan. However,when I tell you some true stories,don`t think I am the real hero! I may make use of what I have seen, as my story! My ultimate idea is to open the world before you, as I have seen.

This is a good place to live! I mean, this world.But you must be well prepared!
You need not always learn from your own experience.You must be prepared to believe that fire can burn your finger, for which an actual verification is not necessary. I bring before you true stories and touching moments from my life andI shall tell you about all these so that you may take advantage of my experiences. DO READ "YOU MUST READ" page.

I shall be taking you to many of my interests and telling you what did I wish and what did I achieve etc. During the course, my experiences will be highlighted.
My early days...environment...my parents...my education career...family...sweet and sour moments , so on and so forth!

Please go to ABOUT ME PAGE . You will like it !

See the  PHOTO PAGE ...Have we ever met?

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